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October2008-His parents know about her
February2009-First Kiss
May2010-'I've loved you since the day we met' confessions
June2011-He met her parents

♥ In 2008, HIM and HER met at a bus stop where she always waits after work. HIM and his friend approached her to offer her a ride home. HIM got his first rejection.
♥ The following day, they found out that they were co-workers at a retail store next to the bus stop where they met. This time, he offered her even more rides PLUS extra food.
♥ One midnight after work, HIM decided to take HER out wherever she wanted to eat. To his surprise, HER wanted pancakes! To her surprise, he took her to not 1 but 3 different IHOPInternational House Of Pancakes. It was a very interesting midnight together so they spent the whole morning after at his place as well. But it was another surprise to him when he woke up not finding her next to him. So he got up, drove to her place and surprised her again.
♥ Some nights after that, HER decided to stubbornly refuse his offer so she rode the bus all the way home. As soon as she got off, to her surprise, she heard him scream her name. Apparently, HIM followed her bus all the way.

HIM: You would always say no every time, I had to find different ways to get you to ride with me. You'd really rather ride the bus than ride with me! I take you home safely and take you out to eat, but the bus always wins over me still.
HER: Because you were so mayabang! I didn't know why you always had to drive me home when I was trying to train myself to ride the bus. 
HIM: I was trying to impress you and up to this day I always want to impress you. 
HER: You always do hun, it was hard to see that before cz back in my country, the guy would let girl know if he's actually courting her. 
HIM: I was a shy guy I didn't know how else to talk to you, that's why I stalked you! Which apparently made you like me. :)
    HER: Probably. haha. You sure grew on me, your hardwork paid off. I can't believe you told your parents about me after IHOP. :)

♥ A short incident happened to HER and she went back to her home in the Southeast Asia. HER didn't even bother telling HIM. Meanwhile, HIM would constantly ask their mutual friend how HER was and what happened to her because she never said goodbye. HER also never failed to wonder about HIM. At the time, they never told each other how they felt but it was their mutual friend who stood as their living proof.

HIMEver since I met you, there was huge attraction and it came with this irresistible force drawing us together when we're apart. I was lost when I found out you left and you didn't even bother to say goodbye. I had to know all details through our friend. I tried forgetting about you because I felt you didn't care, but that didn't work. Too much ugly girls! I could not like or learn to like anyone but you.
HER: Ahww but that's the thing though, I didn't know you had to know. I also didn't know you cared. But yes, even when we're apart it was like our minds were inseparable. You always crossed my mind too.

♥ But HER came back to USA on a February of 2009. And as she waited at a bus stop near a gas station, HIM saw her! As soon as he saw her, he made a quick U-turn and pretended he was getting gas just to offer her another ride to wherever she was going. Now this may sound cheesy, but their constant thinking of each other was too powerful and they were always seeking for each other secretly. Destined, HIM and HER found each other once more.

HIM: And you rejected my offer once again like there was nothing! I didn't even have to get gas, my tank was full but I did that so I can take you out again like before.
HER: It was awkward to start over and besides, you were still working at that place where all the gossip lives. With the mutual friends we had, I didn't wanna give you something to talk about. 
HIM: But they're stupid. They don't know what was really going on and I still got to go out with you. :)
HER: They didn't need to know. But you did try taking me out every single day :) 

♥ As for their first kiss? After a few weeks of rekindling, HER happened to consume a lot of alcohol influenced by their mutual friend (and due to terribly missing her family). Drunk HER did not even know HIM came by and started nursing her, and even kissed HER. The following day, it was by showing her pictures that everyone convinced her HIM was there! But it wasn't until they were officially together that HIM acknowledged her they had their first kiss.

HER: You were so sweet visiting me and taking me out all the time, but you never told me we've already kissed!
HIM: I was scared to tell you! You might not talk to me anymore! But I couldn't stop thinking of the kiss and I had to let you know so we could kiss again. :)
HER: You actually didn't tell me first! You just started it with "Remember this?" and went for a kiss! And then you told me that's now our second kiss and then you explained. 

♥ On their second kiss, as he told her the story of their first kiss, HIM also confessed his love for her. They made it official when HER admitted she felt the same.

The concept of our website was from the evolution of our ideas. It started with our facebook albums titled as Me and Her & Him and Me

In our albums were pictures of us in different places that we adventure off to or simple everyday activities that we enjoy together. One day we had this crazy idea to connect with other young couples around the world who love fashion, music, travel, photography, and most of all, each other's company. HER went back to using a popular online fashion community to find people similar to her ambitions which is fashion. Through this, we were able to get a few readers. 

Him and Her is derived from our album names on facebook combining them as one. We called it a project because that's essentially what it is. It's a collaborative interest of young couples around the world that we carefully plan and design on how we feature them on our website.

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