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Everybody meet Joss and Christoff (Stoffel) from Pretoria, South Africa! - The metal-heads who love each other to bits!
HER: I'm very quiet and shy. I love listening to music and playing games. I've always been a little bit of a loner and never really had someone to trust and who is always there for me until I met him.
HIM: I hate talking about myself, I'm an introvert so I've never been good at these things.. I play drums and guitar and am in a thrash / death metal band - music is my life. I also love gaming in my free time.
WHERE THEY MET:We actually met at our work, at a music store. She works over weekends and some weekdays while he works everyday and is in charge of the admin and banking.We were always so awkward around each other in the beginning but one day, we started talking in the office. Since that day we were hanging out almost every night and quickly became inseparable...It feels like we've known each other forever.
We love just chilling and talking about anything and everything! And playing PS3 together (it's like our "bonding time"). We also like going to gigs.
HOW THEY ROCK & ROLL: Because we were already so close before we started dating, we're very playful and silly together, like best friends. We trust each other completely and we're very open with each other. We can talk about anything and even if we don't always agree on things, we don't judge each other. We have loads in common but not too much so that we get bored of each other, and not too different so we have nothing to talk about. =]


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  2. lovely couple :)

  3. Lovely couple, cute photos!

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  6. Lovely couple, such a sweet blog. Love the music.
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  7. Its just sweet how you both met. Beautiful story to share.
    I love our blog layout..the music..the posts..

  8. how cool :) this couple is very cute!

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