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This has been one of our favorite interview so far and we don't know how else special to make this post. 
But guys, meet Katherine and Brandon from London!

How/Where did you guys meet?
Her: Work! The thing we wish we didn't have to do! He's the team leader of the company that owns where I work, one day he had to ask me some questions for Health and Safety, OH MY GOD, I fell in love! He was so cute! And his accent...wah, I thought 'this guy is never going to like me, GET OVER YOURSELF'. Then one day, he started flirting with me, even asked 'is this okay?' bless him! I must have been bright pink. This was August 2010. He then went 'so you going to take me out?' and winked. I'm such a creep though, you don't even realise how much this wink made my day. I guess it just went on from there!
Him: at work in the summer of 2010. I remember chatting her up, she made me nervous! I was like 'damn, she's hot'. Was weird though, because I wasn't looking for a relationship at the time, but then I met Katherine and things just went where they needed to go.
What do you guys love to do?
Her: the naughty! I'm sorry, but it's my favourite thing, so why can't a girl indulge?! I love going out to restaurants, feeling like a married couple (I like that idea) HE complains, because I fill up on the bread/starters then he ends up paying for half eaten over-priced main! I'd say he loves watching films, don't you? Although I'm apparently 'bad at watching films'
Him: this is serious though, you need to learn to watch films. It's so frustrating! But I guess that's what the guys are for! You never finish your food! But I love just being together and snuggling watching films
Her: Ha, snuggling.
Him: We're going to travel together this year hopefully, take some pictures because Katherine is a newly addicted Scrapbooker!
Any cool cheese to give for the serious couples? 
Him: I don't know really. We're very strong as a couple which works. Katherine's feisty! I picked a high maintenance one! But I think it's because we're not scared to tell eachother how we feel. Even if we do scream at eachother, we always make up within seconds. I think you know when things are right and how they're meant to be. I can't imagine my life without her!
Her: haha aww! Definitely, I know I can always shout my feelings or cry them out and he'll still put his arms around me and tell me everything's going to be okay. We're in love and we're best friends. That's what makes our relationship work!
"We also have a hamster together! Must make it work for the kid, you know.." - best line ever, guys.


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  3. Such a cute couple!!!

    1. Thanks doll, they are! super fun interview

  4. This is super fun to read!!! And I absolutely LOVE the idea of your blog...I would be thrilled (and so would my hubby) to do an interview with y'all. We've got some pretty fun and neat memories to share...sweet and serious! Just shoot me a line anytime.

    <3 Cambria

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment on my previous post! Hey! Such an amazing concept for your blog!
    I totally adore the interview <3 hope we could follow each other

  6. you guys look so lovely. cute couple indeed envy you lol..thanks for stopping by feel fee for follow dear.

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    Cute interview :)

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    This is such a cute interview, I'm such a softy and love things like this haha! Love the hamster too!!

    Love, Elixabeth xx

  11. wow!! that's so cute and fashion!!Well done honey

  12. ah how adorable are they they seem so in tune with each other its lovely yo read such nice things keep spreading the love u two.u are fabulous hope ur having great weekend kisses from Dublin xx leonie.

  13. you are lovely couple!!!!!!


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