When Every Night Is Prom Night

 Sometimes we don't realize the best things in life are what we already have. You don't realize it until the communication is totally gone and something feels wrong. And then it becomes clear when you actually feel so alone, because then you notice the ones you truly care about and who cares for you more. 
Let us now move to Scotland where we can find our dearest friends, Megan and Frankie!♥
Megan and Frankie met at a music festival called "T in the Park". Megan was camping with her cousin and all of his friends not knowing that Frankie or anyone else even existed at that point. Megan's cousin got a call from the girls of Frankies "group" for help with their tent which needed her cousin, her cousin's friends, and Megan herself had to come along their camping place. They got along instantly and Frankie became Megan's first and only boyfriend. From then on, they could not see themselves with anyone else. The Sherlock Holmes and Will Ferrell lovers enjoy activities together that involves watching hundreds of films while laying in bed (because its nice to cuddle <3), go out to eat/for drinks while ranting about stressful days to each other, and long walks together.
 "A part of our relationship was long distance and there we realized how much we loved/needed each others company by how we felt when we were apart and together. We realized how much just talking to each other can actually make us feel better. Also it made us realize how arguments arent worth risking our relationship. In every small argument we get in, we end it and just apologize because we know what it's like to be apart."- Frankie and Megan

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Let us treat each day our best day ever. ♥


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