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Not all of us fell in love at a bus stop and not every couple prefer marriage before living together. If there's one thing we all have to learn about couples, it is that every couple is different in their own little ways just like every individual will experience life their own way. Most people think that life has to be lived following somebody else's experience. Just because you got hurt during an incident in your life, doesn't mean every inexperienced person will go through your pain. Besides, if we ever do feel pain someday, it is not because we were never warned but because we chose to understand our own lives this way.   
 Readers, we are pleased to introduce to you our next couple Elsa and Ben - who are also from England just like Conan and Daniella♥ ♥ ♥
The dresses-and-skirts kinda girl met the hat-person kinda guy in a Photography class one day and after a pretty long while, they became a couple. They remind us of how we are as a couple simply because they like doing little things for each other such as cooking for each other for no reason. They also like to spend their time together just lying in bed talking and cuddling for hours, taking showers together and watching lots of movies. Some of their favorites would be 500 Days of Summer, Submarine and It's Kind of a Funny Story. They are big fans of Romantic Comedies. As of today, Ben and Elsa are preparing to get a flat together and will soon be getting promise tattoos on their little fingers with personal meanings.
"We do realize that people will think we're stupid but we feel really strong about it and there is no way we are going to regret it no matter what the outcome is. We don't know anyone else that's done that and we are very serious about each other unlike most people we know."     -Ben and Elsa ♥
Special Thanks to Ben and Elsa!!!
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  1. love the first video. Seems like they took a picture, then drew it out and went from there? or maybe it's all just photoshop.. haha

  2. yeah most likely it's photoshopped. It's from 500 days of summer but this kind of video-drawing goes the same for Juno and Kick-Ass. :)

  3. Hey, Thanks for the comment really love your blog followed you :)

    Jenny xxx

  4. I love the idea of your blog, it's so lovely and inspiring. I loved Ben and Elsa's story :) following xo

  5. both of you sweet :))) i like the story in 'about us' hehe..

  6. This is such a sweet post and SO TRUE! Not all couples are cookie-cutter. Each one is different and that's what makes each relationship magical. :)

    Loving these photos!

  7. Thank you so much for your comment!
    You are so cute together! :D

  8. This is a really adorable project. It's super sweet. It was a great story! I also love that they love 500 days of summer ( My bf and I's favorite).

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  10. What a lovely blog you have here. :) Thank you for inviting me over. I'll be sure to follow. Please follow me as well.


  11. I think this is such a fantastic concept for a blog! It is always really interesting reading about different couples, and how other people view relationships. Definitely following you.

  12. So cute and what a great blog idea.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I 'liked' your facebook page.

  13. What a lovely blog, you definately have a reader from Helsinki! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! I agree that Helsinki is a fairytale city!


  14. haha love this very cool

  15. what a lovely couple.
    its rare to see a couple doing a blog!
    totally inspiring.

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  16. Such a sweet post and I really like the idea of this blog! :)

  17. hello, this blog is superb! oh so much love :)
    i'm wondering how you pick the couples you're featuring in this blog. is it by request? bcs i'm thinking of a christmas or anniversary gift for my boyfriend and was wondering if you could probably help me with that, tee hee.



  18. what a fun and cool couple. It's a nice idea to share a blog together. Have fun with your BF blogging together!

    Thanks for leaving a sweet comment.


  19. I like the idea of this lovely blog!!

    you're so true!!! loving this.

    Following each other...


  20. Wow much love to all you guys! <3
    Wynne, yes we sent you a message right now check it :D and we're always surprised and glad to know there are actually many couples out there who want to share their love to us. A lot have said we're so cheesy so why not take this cheesy-ness to the next level. :D Thank you guys


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