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Try to remember one of your good old friends. The kind of friend that even when you have lost touch with in quite a while, your relationship seems to remain the same when you get to see each other once again. And then it leaves you realizing that there is a special thing you both have because it does not work this way with just everyone else. 
"Love doesn't mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes."
In order to describe a relationship like our next couple from Hawaii, we couldn't use any other quote better than this one that Shane and Alex themselves shared with us. 
Shane and Alex met in the Philippines last 2007 through some common friends. Shane was in college at that time and Alex was in his 2 week vacation from his "A" school in the Navy. You guessed it right. This is the story of a Long Distance Relationship. ♥ 
For a little over three years, Shane and Alex could only see each other for three weeks in every 8 months. Between those months, they are not physically together. Although only a few weeks were their only very chance, they survived with the help of technology. Some of their options would be Skype internet service that allows you to communicate by voice, video and instant messaging, they would also rely on phone calls or writing each other via email. Long distance was not easy for them at all especially when Alex goes on deployment for months. They have very limited sources of communication. Imagine such loneliness when you want to hear each other's voices really bad, but couldn't because one is away or one was out in the ocean protecting his country.
"Some people doubted our situation, they thought Long Distance Relationship would never work, but we proved them wrong. We believe nothing is impossible in God's will, we faced all speed bumps together and now we know we're stronger than ever. Our love story is more like the book 'Dear John' by Nicholas Sparks, but of course unlike John & Savannah, we had a beautiful ending. Up to this moment, we're thankful we're finally together and this time for a lifetime. From our experience, we have learned we should never give up for love, no matter what challenges life throw us, be strong and stay positive."-
Shane and Alex started dating back in November 2007. Alex proposed in June 2010 and they recently got married in Hawaii at Lanikai Beach last August22,2011. 
♥ ♥ ♥
SPECIAL THANKS to SHANE and ALEX!!! and Congratulations ♥
You Can Visit Shane's Blog here:


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