Sudden Energy

Sometimes, whether you're at work or in school or doing something that you have to think through alone, you seem to find the day pass by way too slow and you constantly think of the time or when this day will end. And then you come home or meet up with your lover, and voilĂ ! all of a sudden you feel so alive and awake! What happened to being so sleepy this whole day at work? 
Admit it. Wherever we are, even in times that we kind of enjoy, we are longing to be with our special someone when they're not there. Apparently it's not really the clock that we're constantly thinking of, it's your special him or her. ♥ 
Hi Everyone! We apologize for this late introduction of our next batch of couples we're featuring this month. It's about time you meet England's fashionable couple yet, Conan and Daniella ♥  After Conan's persistency in writing random strange things to Daniella over a social network to get her attention, they met up through a mutual friend and have been in love ever since :)
For over four years, this classy-edgy-smart couple who like to play Call of Duty MW3 always enjoy going to Starbucks on a Sunday afternoon and their weekends are spent laying in bed while enjoying a cup of tea and relaxing. Unlike most couples we probably all know, they don't waste any negative energy on small things, but rather focus on positive things. We also found that we have very similar activities like Conan and Daniella. Some similar activities include taking a drive to discover new places out there and occasionally dress up in something smart to go out for a romantic meal. While these activities keep each other happy, the thought of just being together already always makes a better day.
"Any couple that has fallen in love will say the beginning of their relationship was the best in the way that you will go out of your way to impress the other. And a lot of couples forget about that- once they are comfortable. The important thing is not to forget that and not to ever take each other for granted. Also having an understanding of who the other person is, flaws and all,is a key to a lovely relationship." -Conan and Daniella
♥ ♥ ♥
Special THANKS to Conan and Daniella!!! ♥ ♥ ♥



  1. What a cute and stylish blog. Thanks for stopping by mine and following. I am following yours now too! :)

  2. hey lauren,thanx for stopping my blog and for the lovely comment.your blog is so cute, so is your story,i'm following you :)

  3. Thank you guys for stopping by from our blog and giving us the chance to meet yours. I love your idea and I definitely follow you :)
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  4. Ahww you guys, I didn't even notice the comments. The Him guy is asleep for now haha I'm sneaking up at 4:16AM with my insomnia trying to check on this newest post :) Aren't Conan and Daniella super adorable!! Thanks guys!

  5. Great photos! I really like your blog! Such a good concept. Thank you for your wonderful comment. Hope you guys can visit my blog again soon :)


  6. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. Yours is so wonderful and the concept of it is such an excellent idea! Conan and Daniella are very cute!

  7. Beautiful post :), Conan and Daniella are so nice together :)

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  8. Cute couple and happy love =)

  9. wow! i just discovered your blog from your LB account and your blog is really cute and interesting. most of the blogs i'm following is mostly about fashion and photography. yours is just unique! anyway, i'm your new follower! :)))

  10. Your blog is so sweet! I really like the gifs you guys make too.
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  11. thank you SO much :) your blog is really cool!
    and i love your looks on lookbook ♥

  12. so very true. that's like me everyday haha

  13. They look adorable! I love Daniella, she's so pretty and stylish :)


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