The Mutual Friend

We actually didn't know we felt exactly the same about each other if it wasn't for our mutual friend who has been there for both of us, witnessing almost everything that went on during our past. We can only imagine the frustration of our mutual friend itching to tell both of us the truth, that we were always wondering and thinking about each other. But we could also imagine the relief our mutual friend had when we did end up figuring out ourselves that we've been in love with each other this whole time. 
Notice how every couple has their own little mutual friend. It's not necessary that we have them, but we all do have them for some reason. Whether we were built with a mutual friend or we're building more mutual friends, we do realize they play a significant role in our love life, our bridge. ♥
Mike and Katie spend most of their time together going to shows, trying out new restaurants and learning how to cook. They met around 5 or 6 years ago through their mutual friend - Katie's co-worker who was a close friend of Mike's and also the bass player in Mike's band, Science Fiction Theater
Mike would come in regularly at Starbucks where Katie used to work to feed his coffee addiction and she would give him free Pumpkin Spice Lattes because she had a little crush going on. At first she thought he was totally out of her league! 
It wasn't until Halloween of 2009 when they finally hit it off. It was also that mutual friend who invited Katie to attend the Halloween Party and that party turned out to be at Mike's place. Katie was dressed as a clown and Mike as a cat but strangely they really had a nerdy connection over the movie Dark Crystal. After that, Mike found Katie on Facebook and asked her out. 
After 3 months of dating, he asked her to be his girlfriend.♥
"We will never forget when we went to see the show Morrissey. We were just dating back then but we held hands the whole time. That was when we realized we really liked each other. It was also pouring rain after the show and we got soaked, but it was a really great memorable date. Being together, we found that we have a lot in common. We share the same interests and also share similar personality traits. We are both laid back and easy going, and because of all these similarities, it is very rare that we get into a real argument or fight." - Mike and Katie ♥
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