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Ever had that moment when you were single, you felt really strong and know that you can conquer just about anything on your own? You swore you didn't need anyone. And then you met someone, and you realize you've been missing a big part of you this whole time. You swear that this someone is your other half. All of a sudden, you let go of your own pride. All of a sudden, we decided it's a big deal to have someone by your side no matter what. And every single day you want it spent with them because one day, one week, one month never seems to be enough. It doesn't mean we're no longer strong, it just means we doubled our strength with a hint of bliss-the one that you all of a sudden can't imagine life without.♥
"During my senior year of High School before me and Kendall were together but liking each other was already known, I volunteered to counsel some kids for a camping trip. I thought I was going to be able to talk to her during the trip. But there was a strict no cellphone rule and there was zero signal anyway. I missed her so much those past three days. As soon as I got off the bus at the end of the trip, I went to see her and I was so happy."-Nikko
Just like our last post's Alonso and Fernanda from Mexico, Nikko and Kendall have been together for a long while without having to fight at all. 
These two unique cuties, who met through their mutual friends, are very different from each other in ways such as their race (Nikko being Filipino and Kendall being Hispanic), their style, much different pasts and the list goes on. However, after discovering each other's interest in Pokemon and the love for Nutella, they grew to know each other better and fell in love.
"After we went to the zoo, we went out on a date to a park out of the city with perfect warm weather and enough sunlight to shine through the trees.  That’s the place where we both admitted our 'inlovedness' to each other :) Sweetest moment of our lives♥" -Kendall
The silly birds like to eat, watch movies, take naps together and go planking or simply try anything to see each other smile. They have a love for animals that they would go to pet stores to visit the little critters. For all times, Nikko opens doors for her, makes her little snacks when she’s hungry, and always remind her how pretty she is. Kendall makes him pictures of his favorite animals (owls and lions), makes him cookies and gives him lots of kisses when it's not necessary. And ofcourse remind him how great he is.
'We enjoy the corny things in life, and showing our love all the time! We're both very social and have very sarcastic personalities. We make a very good team when it comes to making people laugh!!! Our sense of humor is a big bond in our relationship! We can make any moment no matter how boring, suddenly fun and exciting :D We like to hang out with friends and eat pizza and cause a lot of laughter! Our favorite time is to just be together. WE'RE ALSO BEST FRIENDS! Which is the most important thing ever..This proves to not only us but to all hopeless romantics out there that love exists, you just have to dig deeper than the surface.' -Nikko and Kendall♥
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