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Like food on the table that brings family and friends together, Music does the same and feeds the soul. It is a form of art expressed through rhythm, dynamics and most of the time with words. Depending on the way it is expressed, Music can also certainly heal the many wandering hearts. Sing Hello to our next beautiful love birds from Utah, Aly and Paul
The singer-songwriter Paul met Aly who is also singer-artist at a coffee shop in Logan. Aly stumbled in to a group of musicians performing at the shop’s open mic night, and was completely charmed by the looks, talent, and general demeanor of one boy. He encouraged her to sing a song for the group! While Aly would stumble over the words, Paul lead her in the right direction as he played guitar beautifully. From then on, they started performing more duets- which in the next few months also sparked their interest in each other. Paul then asked Aly to lend her voice to his next album and after a brief practice, they finally went on their first date in a local Indian restaurant. Everything fell into place.♥
Paul and Aly actually have similar taste and they enjoy trying new things together. They both also suffer from depression, so they understand each other’s struggles. As a couple they got into the habit of going on road trips, getting coffee, shopping for clothes and d├ęcor, singing together (while Paul plays the guitar), attending concerts (especially local music) and renting movies. Some of the movies they enjoy watching are Big Fish, Juno, (500) Days of Summer, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Garden State, Zombieland, etc. 
"A memory that is very precious to me comes from early this summer, on an afternoon with a slight breeze. We lay under the small trees in my backyard, practicing songs for an upcoming performance. I remember that the temperature was perfect, and I felt completely at peace when I closed my eyes and listened to him sing. Everything felt just right."- Aly.
"My favorite would be later that summer, at a free concert put on by The Decemberists. They came back on stage for a long encore performance. Towards the middle of the song 'After the Bombs', fireworks went off. Standing across the crowd, with my arm around her, I felt like there was something big at hand."- Paul.
See Youtube Video Below for Paul&Aly's Performance ♥


  1. Oh my goodness, you guys are SO cute! I love the url name too, it's perfect and simple. Thanks for commenting! I can see that your blog has lots of potential and if you keep at it, you'll have a fantastic following. It's a really unique thing you guys are doing :) Best of luck!


  2. Ahww Thank you so much Lauren. Yes they really are such a beautiful couple with beautiful talents! <3

  3. *heart melts* these couple stories give me hope that some guys actually care. the guys i've grown up around were jerks and only cared about superficial things

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