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 Wynne and Dirga, all the way from Indonesia, met at their university when they participated in and won a competition together. In the competition, they had to live in the same house for 6 months. They have been friends ever since. Dirga, as he recently confessed, had his eyes on Wynne since the very first time, but did not let her know until some years later when Wynne got out of a messed up relationship. Dirga helped her realize how much she deserved better. ♥

The eclectic and the casual enjoy any culinary trip together. Dirga loves to eat while Wynne likes to discover new places out there with pretty interiors and interesting food on the menu. On most days, they like to spend quiet time at home, watching TV while munching on homemade snacks. And their favorite show? Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
"I will always remember the 100th day of our relationship, when you surprised me by knocking on my door while I thought you would be in Bali for at least another 1 month. But you flew all the way to see me :) And also when we spent our 5th month-sary in one of the most romantic island in Indonesia, that's definitely memorable. ;) 
There are so many things different between us. You're very rational and mind-oriented, I'm very sensitive and heart-oriented. When fighting, you like to sort things out immediately, I like to have some quiet time alone to calm down and be able to think straight. But we work things out because we have that one thing that underlines and surpasses everything else: LOVE
We know where we are going in the future. We love and care so much for each other that we are willing to work our differences out. We have agreed that we would try our best to always compromise and meet each other halfway. Most importantly, we are in a strong relationship not because we never hurt each other, but because even though we often hurt each other, we eventually realize that the reason of our fights is only because we don't want to lose each other.
You are my better half, I am your better half. We are the perfect match. May this present mark another memorable date, and know that I am looking forward to more years of memorable moments with you. I love you, Ngok."
ps- in case you wonder, 'Ngok' is not a typo it's what we've been calling each other :) -Wynne for Him ♥
SPECIAL THANKS to you both ♥ ♥ ♥
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  1. Anonymous6:36:00 PM

    You might not know me, but I came across this blog. Its the sweeest thing I ever read. ♥ u got such a sweet boyfriend, hope I'll get a boyfriend as sweet as yours someday. Longlast for u both! :-)

  2. adorable as usual...............xx

  3. what a sweet couple, lovely pictures, especially the motion ones.



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