When We Can't Feel Right Alone

When we've found that special someone, we fall in love NOT because we fear being alone - but because without them, we can't feel right alone. 
You have to believe it when we say we've probably met the cutest couple ever! They enjoy watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, playing Mario Kart and making grilled cheese together. Fall in love to these lovebirds from Canada, Meaghan and Addam. ♥
The skater-style boy met the girly-style gal during their teen years and have been together ever since. Now over the many years, they still haven't lost their spark. They still hold hands at all times, share giggles and get butterflies. And annually, they make sure to go to Canada's Fear fest not just to scare the hell out of each other but to actually celebrate the day of their first date. Now what is love for Meaghan and Addam? It is when two people loosen up, have fun and not be afraid to be who they are. Ahh-Yes! In the many definitions we all have for love, we should definitely know that fear and love don't go hand in hand. ♥
Special Thanks to Meaghan and Addam!!! ♥
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  1. What a lovely couple! :)

  2. Ahww thank you Krista! They really are a lovely couple ♥ So are you and Joni!


Say Cheese!!! ♥

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