Virtual Romance

Hi Everyone! It has been a very busy week celebrating our anniversary ♥ but we're happy to announce that we're meeting more couples around the globe! 

We could just imagine how these two Russian cuties are all over each other everyday when they sent us these lovely romantic photos of them.
There's a certain saying that if you do not seek, then you will not find. Like Manon and Nicolas from our last post, Christina and her boyfriend Ratul have met through the internet as well. After getting to know each other for the longest time by communicating online, they decided how much they really wanted to be together and they have been genuinely happy ever since. Offline, they are the type of couple who like to stroll down the streets of Voronezh, maybe stop for a cup of coffee, watch some movies and capture laughs together. :) They are probably listening to some Lady Gaga songs together right now or songs from MULTIPASS.Check out their favorite band's music video entitled Snow.
Without understanding the words used in the video, my boyfriend and I agreed that the Snow resembles cold loneliness after a break up. The girl running towards the main guy probably means that the girl also realizes how lonely it is not to be together which is why she tries to save the relationship but sadly, it was too late. I know, it's a sad one but definitely loved the video and its deeper meaning.
Special thanks to Christina and Ratul for contributing to another successful post. ♥

You can visit Christina on Vkontakte (A Russian Social Network very similar to Facebook):
And her blog:

Thank you for stopping by and reading!


  1. oh?i know them!
    they are wonderful^^

  2. great to know them! ♥

  3. Anonymous1:10:00 PM

    multipass is scum

  4. You WOULD be anonymous HAH! :D

  5. Love this couple so damn cute

    April Lyn

    the suit for dreams.


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