Less friends, Less problems

Wait til this anti-social flips his newspaper!
Reiss was born in Sweden and both his parents are from England. He has lived in his birth country, also lived in the US, Indonesia and Australia. Magnet was born and raised in Melbourne. Yes everyone, Australia!!!
Magnet and Reiss, who both have the style of the nerdy but with a taste of hardcore, met in high school 'at the hell hole' as what they call it. "We met through a mutual friend who had a crush on him (Reiss) at the time, she was kind of psychotic about it."  High School drama! PS: We wanted to pop a gif of such high school drama and the Glee Slushies were just everywhere, so. 
Magnet and Reiss are both kind of anti-social but they enjoy doing just about everything together ♥
"We also know that we want to be together forever, which seems to be kind of different to most couples we know. In many ways we are like each other's half. We know how serious our relationship is and what we mean to each other but we don't mind if other people don't."
We've all probably learned that there is no such thing as You and Me Against the World
The truth is, it's just waaay more comforting to think that you have created a world of your own and someone else created a world almost exactly as yours, both realizing you can share that little world together instead. Truth is the world depends on how we create it to be and no couple is against the world anyway. Most of the time, some people don't and won't understand these things. These people are called haters, the ones who can never be happy for another person's happiness or, the ones who can never be happy PERIOD.  
The hardcore lovers think it's best for a couple to be best friends first and lovers second.
Special Thanks to Reiss and Magnet! ♥ ♥ ♥
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