Hugs While Sleeping

Please Play their favorite music first as you read because it's really refreshing, goes well with the jump too!
 Next stop? Serbia! - where we get to meet Gyöngyvér and her fiancé Szilard (and their golden retriever, Manolo). These two Vintage-Bohemian inspired lovelies who likes to meet different cultures, loves to travel and walk in the nature are simply just enjoying life as much as they can. Their story would kind of remind us of the classic childhood love stories that are just the most adorable. Think Flipped. "How we first met is a very interesting and sweet story. My father is a teacher in a local high school.Together with his colleague, he organized a summer vacation in 1995. At the time Szilard was enjoying himself at his grandmothers’, who is accidentally a neighbor of my father’s colleague. They organized this vacation to Montenegro, and that’s the place where we met. I only remember that there was a pretty high bridge and that he was the only one who jumped off, just to show me that he could. At that time, we were just 12. On the last day he told me that I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and gave me a pink oleander." It was truly a love at first sight for Szilard, and it definitely turned out to be a magical life story. Pretty cool eh? So what keeps a strong couple like Gyöngyvér and Szilard together? Honesty, communication, tolerance, respect and absolutely, hugs while sleeping. ♥
Special Thanks to Gyöngyvér and Szilard!! ♥

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  1. how cute :)

    mia o

  2. Thank you very much love ♥

  3. Anonymous4:07:00 AM

    Thank you all. lp you are very kind for doing this about us and thank you for sharing. We hope that love strives on!!!! Best regards from the boy from Serbia :)

  4. Cute blog!!!!!!!
    have a look on mine? :)


  5. Amazing pics, loved them!!


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