Chéri Chaton (Darling Kitten)

 As some of you may know, we have taken our project to the next level. It doesn't matter how many followers we have now, in fact we made quite a bit progress on that part (well not a massive progress obviously) but we're positive to be having more viewers/readers soon. Anyway, let us take you to France, 
263.2 Miles away from Paris is where you will meet our dearest friends Manon and her boyfriend Nicolas.
 It's always a mystery right? One can never really tell how a couple met unless you get to know them ofcourse. And it's very much interesting finding out how this young couple (who are moving in together next year!) met. Manon and Nicolas met on a French social network/blog popularly known as Skyblog. It's true, there are actually a lot of ways to meet somebody. Especially these days when we have internet, cellphones and all other new technologies - We can easily connect with people around the globe. It took a lot of events before they finally got together and became a couple but for them it's a matter of compatibility and the amount of time plus emotions invested. In the three years they have known each other, these kitties found their love for Fashion, Arts, Graphics, Illustration, Post Hardcore Music and Dubstep. This was actually our first time hearing about Dubstep music so we had to hear a few to really get in their shoes for a moment which explains the music video we picked. Manon and her Chéri Chaton (darling kitten) also love to cook and as you can see, they are both into photography as well.   
We must say it was challenging to translate our friends' French to English. But Thank God for Google and special thanks to her aunt! Merci Beaucoup to Manon and Nicolas because they actually took pictures together just for this lovely Post. We love you both! ♥ ♥ ♥

For more photos of Manon and her fashionable journey please visit her blog:



  1. Thank you so much for your lovely post ! You are very bright to translate my awful english ! Your post come soon ! You are so cute, love you two ! And for the dubstep music, I'll send you links on facebook, if you have an account. Love Love Love from France <3

  2. Hi Manon! I love this post so much it's my first ever about couples around the world! I have a facebook can I have your facebook so I can add you? Love, Lauren and Nikki ♥

  3. thanks for you comment :-) your blog is lovely!

  4. These two are so cute <3 Of course you can do a post about me an Ben :) Just let me know when and what I need to do


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