Clear Water

A few days back, we figured we finally wanted to tell our personal friends, families and facebook friends about this website. Yes, there are two types of friends nowadays. 
Personal friends count is approximately 5; Facebook friends count is 300+. 
We received a good number of cheers and a number of 'who cares' as well. And we actually expected that result knowing our circles.
Let's just say not everybody understands the need to blog, which is true! Blogging is not necessary - just like facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. are not necessary. But now that we did test the waters, we found that our readers and fellow writers have been our instant supporters throughout the year. They had good intentions and they continue to encourage not only us but any other writer. Reaching out and socializing with people we never even knew we'd find was necessary afterall.
Love, HIM and HER
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